Saturday, February 27, 2010

What to Watch This Weekend

Hello, college basketball fans!

With the regular season winding down, here's games this weekend that may affect the bracket.

Boston College at Georgia Tech, Sat noon

Georgia Tech has the RPI numbers and a huge win over Duke to overcome a current sub .500 conference record but can't afford to fall too far behind .500 and can ill afford to lose this game.

North Carolina at Wake Forest, Sat 2pm (CBS)

Wake Forest needs to stop a two game skid.

Maryland at Virginia Tech, Sat 4pm

I think Maryland is solidly in but a win here would ice it. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech needs a good win and a strong ACC record to negate their weak non conference schedule.

Clemson at Florida State, Sun 5:30pm

A bubble team special. A win by Clemson gives Florida State the sweep this season and a win by Florida State gives them a 2 game lead in the standings and puts Clemson at 7-7 in conference.


Rhode Island at St. Bonaventure, Sat 2pm
Charlotte at George Washington, Sat 6pm

Charlotte leads in the conference standings and has beaten both Temple and Richmond (at Richmond) while Rhode Island hasn't beaten any of the three top A-10 teams (they were swept by Temple and lost at home to Richmond). But Rhode Island's RPI is about 30 spots ahead. Both teams though need to keep winning. Charlotte's RPI is low borderline and if sinks too low they will fall out of contention. Meanwhile, Rhode Island's RPI in the 20's will keep it in consideration but if they drop into the 30's/40's, they don't have the quality wins to compensate.

Richmond at Xavier, Sun 1pm

Winner stays at worst tied with Temple for first place in the A-10.

Big East:

Villanova at Syracuse, Sat 9pm

I think if either of these teams win the Big East tournament they should be a #1 seed although a Big East regular season title (winner of this game will take a big step towards the title) wouldn't hurt.

Marquette at Seton Hall, Sun noon

A loss can knock Marquette out of many brackets come Monday. Seton Hall desperately needs a win to keep their at large chances alive.

Louisville at Connecticut, Sun 2pm (CBS)

Both teams are in my last bracket but Connecticut's position is very shaky. They have a better profile than Cincinnati but the closer the two profiles get, the more consideration of the head to head sweep by the Bearcats will get. Louisville can really help their chances with a key road win and also would have a season sweep over UConn.

Big 10:

Minnesota at Illinois, Sat 4pm

Despite Illinois's low RPI, I can't see Illinois not getting in at 11-7 (of course I'm going to say that though) and a win over the Gophers will give them 11 wins (and a winnable game at home vs. Wisconsin next weekend, who they beat at Madison earlier). Lose, and they will really be in bubble danger. Meanwhile, this is a last gasp for Minnesota.

Michigan State at Purdue, Sun 4pm (CBS)

With Hummel out for the season, every game for the Boilers will be scrutinized in their hunt for a possible #1 seed. Should Purdue lose, expect Duke (if they beat Virginia) to replace them as a #1 seed in most Monday brackets.

Big 12:

Texas at Texas A&M, Sat 2pm

Clearly a game for seeding purposes. Should Kansas be placed in the Midwest as expected, there's a slight chance these teams may be playing (along with Baylor) for a spot in the South and Houston as well (depending on what they do with Kansas State).

Kansas at Oklahoma State, Sat 4pm (CBS)

Kansas doesn't seem to be in danger of losing a #1 seed. Oklahoma State is on the edge and would almost clinch a berth with a big win over the Jayhawks.

Missouri at Kansas State, Sat 8pm

Missouri has a great profile in a very strong Big 12 but a win at Kansas State will really help their chances. Kansas State's chances for a high seed will take a hit with a head to head sweep by Missouri (Missouri won the first match in Columbia).


Kentucky at Tennessee, Sat noon (CBS)

Clearly means a lot more to Tennessee than Kentucky. Win, and they would've beaten Kansas and Kentucky this season.

Mississippi State at South Carolina, Sat 6pm

Both teams have to win to stay in at large contention, Mississippi State would have a much better chance with a win than South Carolina with a win (still would be under .500 in the SEC).


Arizona State at California, Sat 3pm

A win by California would pretty much lock of the conference regular season title and would strongly help their at large chances. Arizona State needs to win to have any chance at an at large (they lost at home to Cal earlier this season). These two look like the only chances for the weak Pac 10 to get an at large bid this season.

New Mexico at BYU, Sat 4pm

Winner takes the lead in the MWC and possibly towards a top 4 seed and the right to stay in the West in the NCAA's (although a BYU win would likely come down to a rubber match in a potential MWC final). New Mexico won the first meeting. If New Mexico stays west, BYU has to go to the East Regional (only other regional that plays on Saturday).

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