Friday, March 9, 2012

Brad Stevens to Illinois!

Hello college basketball (especially Illinois) fans!

Off the Schmolik 64/bubble discussion, my alma mater Illinois is looking for a men's basketball head coach. I would like to push for Butler's Brad Stevens to be offered the job. I will not be satisfied unless he is offered the job. He may not accept the job and prefer to stay at Butler but I think we have to try to make him an offer.

His team will not make the NCAA Tournament this year and we have to convince him that Illinois and the Big Ten has a higher potential than Butler and the Horizon League which he has to either dominate the regular season or win the Horizon League Tournament. Plus, Illinois is far and away the number one basketball program in the state of Illinois, home to basketball hotbed Chicago. At Butler, Indiana, Notre Dame, and Purdue are competition for athletes in state.

Brad Stevens to Illinois!

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