Sunday, March 14, 2010

Final 2010 Schmolik 64 Comments

Hello, college basketball fans!

My final Schmolik 64 is complete. Here's my rationale behind my picks.

West Virginia got the last #1 seed over Duke. Winning the Big East tournament was in my opinion bigger than winning the ACC tournament. In addition, West Virginia also has wins over Villanova (at Villanova), Georgetown, and Pittsburgh. Similar logic holds as Georgetown is my last #2 seed over New Mexico. Despite their rough stretch, they won 6 games over teams in the top 15 RPI.

On the end, it came down to Illinois, Mississippi State, Rhode Island, Virginia Tech, and Florida. I'm sure most people have cried favoritism but I posted two polls on CBS comparing the last few bubble teams. Illinois won both polls, one with the names and one with "blind resumes". Illinois was chosen despite having by far the highest RPI of the five teams. So technically I didn't pick Illinois, the fans at CBS Sports did. If the committee continues to go with "quality wins" as a big deciding factor, Illinois has three wins over top 25 teams, more than the other four teams combined. They also have the most top 50 wins (five). I think it's going to come down to these five for the last spot. I don't think Illinois should get in over Minnesota (Minnesota is also in).


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