Saturday, March 13, 2010

Schmolik Bubble Watch (3/13/10 - Early Morning)

Hello, college basketball fans!

I don't have updated RPI numbers and a lot of games were played yesterday so I will give you the short summary of my current bubble situation.

I feel San Diego State's win over New Mexico and Georgia Tech's win over Maryland put both of them in the field. Missisippi's loss in my (although not Jerry Palm's) mind removes them from bubble consideration. Meanwhile, many teams won yesterday to improve their cases which I feel knock out Wichita State and Kent State from at large consideration. My latest bubble has 7 teams competiting for a maximum of 5 spots (which could shrink if UTEP or Utah State loses or if somehow Miami or NC State wins the ACC). As a huge fan of one of these seven teams, I now have to root for the party crashers to lose. Let me warn Houston, New Mexico State, Miami, and NC State in advance, if you get in, I'm sending you to Spokane. I'm saying it now. I will do whatever I can do to send you there. If you're going to crash the party, you better be happy to go there. You're not getting a trip to California or Florida or New Orleans or some place nice. Then again, at least it's not Boise. Chances are also good that if you are the last team or last two teams I will put you in Spokane as well.

Teams that are still alive in conference tournaments:
Rhode Island
Mississippi State

Teams done, waiting:
Virginia Tech

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